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Remote Connection Manager (RCM)

The development of Remote Connection Manager (RCM) was co-funded by the HBP during the Ramp-up Phase. This page is kept for reference but will no longer be updated.

The Remote Connection Manager (RCM) is an application that allows HPC users to perform remote visualisation on Cineca HPC clusters.

The tool offers to

  • Visualize the data produced on Cineca’s HPC systems (scientific visualization);
  • Analyse and inspect data directly on the systems;
  • Debug and profile parallel codes running on the HPC clusters.

The graphical interface of RCM allows the HPC users to easily create remote displays and to manage them (connect, kill, refresh).

Screenshot of RCM
Screenshot of Remote Connection Manager (RCM)
Screenshot of RCM
Screenshot of Remote Connection Manager (RCM)
Date of releaseApril 2015
Version of software1.2
Version of documentation1.2
Software availablehttp://www.hpc.cineca.it/content/remote-visualization-rcm
ResponsibleRoberto Mucci (superc@cineca.it)
Requirements & dependenciesThe “Remote Connection Manager” works on the following operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
(OSX Mountain Lion users need to install XQuartz: http://xquartz.macosforge.org/landing/)
Target system(s)Notebooks, office computers