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Dynamic Load Balancing

The development of DLB was co-funded by the HBP during the second project phase (SGA1). This page is kept for reference but will no longer be updated.

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DLB is a library devoted to speedup hybrid parallel applications. And at the same time DLB improves the efficient use of the computational resources inside a computing node. The DLB library will improve the load balance of the outer level of parallelism by redistributing the computational resources at the inner level of parallelism. This readjustment of resources will be done at dynamically at runtime. This dynamism allows DLB to react to different sources of imbalance: Algorithm, data, hardware architecture and resource availability among others.

The first version that was integrated in the HPAC Platform was v1.1.

Used on MareNostrum IV supercomputer for some applications

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Date of releaseDecember 2017
Version of software1.2
Version of documentationDecember 2017
Software availablehttps://pm.bsc.es/dlb
ResponsibleBSC Programming Models Group: pm-tools@bsc.es
Requirements & dependenciesAny MPI library, OpenMP or OMPSs compiler and runtime
For tracing: Extrae library
See also https://pm.bsc.es/dlb
Target system(s)Any system with multiple CPUs/cores in a node (supercomputers, clusters, workstations, …)