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The development of MonetDB was co-funded by the HBP during the Ramp-up Phase. This page is kept for reference but will no longer be updated.

When a database grows into millions of records spread over many tables and business intelligence or science becomes the prevalent application domain, a column-store database management system (DBMS) is called for. Unlike traditional row-stores, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, a column-store provides a modern and scalable solution without calling for substantial hardware investments.

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MonetDB pioneered column-store solutions for high-performance data warehouses for business intelligence and eScience since 1993. It achieves its goal by innovations at all layers of a DBMS, e.g. a storage model based on vertical fragmentation, modern CPU-tuned query execution architecture, automatic and adaptive indices, run-time query optimization, and a modular software architecture. It is based on the SQL 2003 standard with full support of foreign keys, joins, views, triggers, and stored procedures. It is fully ACID compliant and supports a rich spectrum of programming interfaces (JDBC, ODBC, PHP, Python, RoR, C/C++, Perl).

The current version provides the following new features as compared to the version that was part of the HBP-internal Platform Release in M18:

  • Python integration
  • Representation of arrays inside MonetDB
  • MonetDB as a standalone library (MonetDBLite)
Date of releaseOctober 2014, updated in July 2015
Version of software
Version of documentation
Software availablehttp://www.monetdb.org
ResponsibleCWI, Martin Kersten (martin.kersten@cwi.nl)
Requirements & dependencies
Target system(s)Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, FreeBSD, CentOS, RHEL, Solaris