Piz Daint

Piz Daint is located at  Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico – Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, ETH Zürich, Lugano, Switzerland.
How to get access to Piz Daint

PizDaint at ETHZ-CSCS

Architecture Cray XC30
Peak performance 7.787 PFlops (theoretical)
System configuration 28 cabinets with 5,272 nodes and 42,176 cores in total
Processors Compute nodes:

  • 8-core 64-bit Intel SandyBridge CPU (Intel Xeon E5-2670)
  • NVIDIA Tesla K20X with 6 GB GDDR5 memory
Memory & storage
  • Capacity/node: 32 GB (DDR3-1600) 6 GB non-ECC (GDDR5)
  • Bandwidth/node: 51.2 GB/s DDR3 250.0 GB/s non-ECC GDDR5
  • Total system memory: 169 TB DDR3 32 TB non-ECC GDDR5
  • System storage capacity: 2.5 PB
  • Parallel file system peak performance 117 GiB/s
Main memory 32GB host memory on each compute node
  • The nodes are connected by the “Aries” proprietary interconnect from Cray, with a dragonfly network topology
  • Peak network bisection bandwidth: 33 TB/s
Operating system SUSE SLES 11.3
Job scheduler Slurm
Login nodes 4 login nodes wit Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPU (2.6 GHz)
More information http://www.cscs.ch/computers/piz_daint_piz_dora
Contact Colin McMurtrie (cmurtrie@cscs.ch)
Cristian Mezzanotte (cristian.mezzanotte@cscs.ch)