UNICORE (Uniform Interface to Computing Resources) is a Grid middleware suite providing seamless and secure access to high-performance computing, files systems and other resources. Its services include job submission and management, file access, data transfer, data and metadata management, cloud storage access and more. Clients can access the UNICORE services through both SOAP web services and a REST API. User authentication and authorisation is integrated with other HBP systems such as OIDC for user authentication and the HPC LDAP servers for authorisation.

Version 7.3.0 used in HPC Platform UNICORE logo
 Contact  Bernd Schuller (JUELICH), b.schuller@fz-juelich.de

The following figure describes how UNICORE, the OIDC Server and Unity communicate in order to authenticate an HBP user. After a successful validation, the user can access the resources of the HPC Platform using the REST API. Another way to access the resources is via the UNICORE Portal that is also integrated into the HPC Platform Collab in the Collaboratory.Unified access to the HPC Platform via UNICORE and the REST API

Unified access to the HPC Platform via UNICORE and the REST API

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