FERMI located at Cineca in Italy.
How to get access to FERMIFERMI went out of production on 18 July 2016. It was replaced by the new HPC cluster Marconi that went into production on 1 July.  All existing projects on FERMI have been moved to Marconi.


Architecture IBM Blue Gene/Q system
Peak performance 2.1 PFlops
System configuration
  • 10 racks with 10,240 nodes and 163,840 cores
  • Rack: 2 midplanes à 16 nodeboards
  • Nodeboard: 32 compute nodes
  • Node: 16 cores
Processors IBM PowerPC® A2, 1.6 GHz, 16 cores per node
Memory 16 GB SDRAM-DDR3 per node
Main memory 2.8 PB
Networks Network interface with 11 links, a 5D Torus
  • 2 racks: 16 I/O nodes per rack, implying a minimum job allocation of 64 nodes (1024 cores)
  • 8 racks:  8 I/O nodes per rack, implying a minimum job allocation of 128 nodes (2048 cores)
Operating system Compute nodes: CNK, lightweight proprietary kernel
Login nodes: RedHat Linux v6.2
Job scheduler LoadLeveler
More information http://www.hpc.cineca.it/hardware/fermi
Contact Giovanni Erbacci (g.erbacci@cineca.it)