Irene (Joliot – Curie)

Irene (Jolit-Curie) is hosted at Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA), France. It was installed in July 2018, replacing Curie.
How to get access to Irene (Joliot-Curie)

Architecture BULL Sequana X1000 system
Peak performance 9 PFlops
System configuration based on 9 compute cells integrated into 2 partitions:

  • SKL partition: 6 cells, each containing 272 compute nodes
  • KNL partition: 3 cells each containing 276 compute nodes

+ 5 fat nodes for pre/post processing with 3 TB memory/node and a fast local storage based on NVMe

+ 20 hybrid nodes with Nvidia-P100 co-processors used for remote visualisation

  • Per node SKL partition: two 24-core Intel Skylake 8168 processors 2.7 GHz
  • Per node KNL partition: one Intel Knights Landing 68-core 7250 1.4 GHz manycore processor
  • SKL partition: 192 GB of DDR4 memory / node
  • KNL partition: 96 GB DDR4 memory/node + 16 GB MCDRAM memory/node
  • SKL partition: Infiniband EDR 100 Gb/s high speed network
  • KNL partition: BULL BXI 100 Gb/s high speed network

multi-layer shared Lustre parallel filesystem with a first level (/scratch) of more than 5 PB at 300 GB/s

Operating system bullx SCS
Job scheduler SLURM
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Irene software environment 2018:

Contact Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere (

Access to Irene (Joliot – Curie) via HPAC platform services (e.g., UNICORE) requires an additional local authentication step. Please contact for access details and a full workflow description.