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The Application Performance Optimisation and Code Migration Support is a service offered by the HPAC Platform (in the framework of WP7.4 User Support and Community Building). If you are a user of an application, or the application developer yourself, you may find it interesting to get help to analyse how good or bad your runs are performing on the computing platform. We would like to emphasize that both end users and application developers can get benefit of this service, since different inputs for the same application can cause completely different behaviors that may affect performance. On a supercomputer, but also on your own laptop or desktop computer, optimising your application will reduce the time-to-results and it allows to run more simulations or analysis with the same computing time allocation.

We have a team of experts in performance analysis and optimisation of codes, and experience in working with many different architectures (e.g. GPUs, parallel architectures, distributed architectures, …). They can help you to diagnose if the performance of your application is close to ideal, and if it is not, find out what parts of the application need to be improved. They can help you with the most advanced tools and mechanisms to fix bad performing situations. Also, our experience in different architectures can be very helpful for you to port your code to a new architecture where you never tested it before.

Some examples of applications (and their users) that can benefit from this service are: NEST, CoreNeuron, STEPS, MIIND, Ilastik, ESPINA, SDA, … Any level of the brain simulation and analysis is welcome!

We are looking forward to receive your requests.

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