Access to JUWELS

Access to JUWELS is available through different calls that all have different eligibility criteria and resources to be distributed:


  • NIC (John von Neumann Institute for Computing)
  • GCS Large Scale (Gauss Centre for Supercomputing)
  • PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe)
Resource pool Eligibility
NIC German researchers;
national and international collaborators possible
GCS Large Scale
PRACE European researchers


The calls for all resource pools except PRACE are synchronized:


  • Two calls per year
  • Calls open end of January and end of July for about one month
  • Allocation periods start 1 May and 1 November every year
  • Computing time is granted for one year, extension of projects is possible after each year
  • Selection of projects is based on a peer-reviewed process



Applications are accepted online only, not via email or regular mail:



Information to provide in computing time proposal (excerpt):


  • Clear scientific goals, verifiable milestones
  • Detailed and clearly arranged work schedule
  • Well-founded and detailed demonstration of required resources
  • Preliminary studies demonstrating good scaling behavior to at least 8192 cores under production conditions
  • Status report (in case of a project extension)



Examplary computing time proposals:



JSC also provides preparatory access to its supercomputer resources. Approved preparatory access projects get a small computing time allocation on JUWELS or JURECA supplemented by expert assistance from one of the JSC SimLabs for a period of up to four months to verify and improve the performance of their application and prepare a full computing-time proposal.


Expertise offered by SimLab staff includes:


  • Porting and tuning of codes for the JURECA and JUWELS systems
  • Performance analysis and scaling improvement of codes/applications
  • (Re)design of computational methods needed to exploit highly parallel architectures


SimLab Neuroscience is in place to provide this kind of support to neuroscience projects:

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