Access to MARCONI

The access to MARCONI is granted only based on a peer-reviewed proposal. Currently there are three calls available:

  1. PRACE regular calls
  2. ISCRA calls
  3. Calls for small grants

PRACE calls

PRACE offers two calls per year, i.e. one every six months. The calls are open world-wide. PRACE requires that the parallel codes of the applying project scale up to at least 1024 or 2048 cores of the target system.

PRACE also offers “preparatory access” for most of the supercomputers. These calls are meant for code scalability tests and code optimizations, including a small amount of computing time and requiring less effort for the application. These calls are continuously open with regular cut-off dates:

Find out more about PRACE calls:

ISCRA calls

ISCRA (Italian SuperComputing Resource Allocation, offers two regular calls per year. The resources are assigned on the scientific value, based on an independent peer-review system.  To apply for the ISCRA call the PI must operate in an Italian research centre but the collaborators can be from every European country.

Class B call: Successful Class B projects get allocations valid for one year.

Class C call: Class C projects are received through continuous submission and reviewed once per month (no peer-review). An average period of about 15 days is required for activating the project. For each user it is allowed to have only one class C project each 6 months as PI. The maximum duration is 9 months.

Calls for small grants

Furthermore there are calls for small grants based on a continuous submission and a regular cut-off every month.

So far, resources were assigned to HBP users directly through direct grants.

CINECA is available also to issue some specific pilot action to access specific resources for dtat analytics related to HBP topics.

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