The development of ZeroEQ was co-funded by the HBP during the second project phase (SGA1). This page is kept for reference but will no longer be updated.

ZeroEQ is a cross-platform C++ library to publish and subscribe for events. It provides the following major features:

  • Publish events using zeroeq::Publisher
  • Subscribe to events using zeroeq::Subscriber
  • Asynchronous, reliable transport using ZeroMQ››
  • Automatic publisher discovery using Zeroconf
  • Efficient serialization of events using flatbuffers

The main intention of ZeroEQ is to allow the linking of applications using automatic discovery. Linking can be used to connect multiple visualization applications, or to connect simulators with analysis and visualization codes to implement streaming and steering. One example of the former is the interoperability of NeuroScheme with RTNeuron, and one for the latter is the streaming and steering between NEST and RTNeuron. Both were reported previously, whereas the current extensions focus on the implementation of the request-reply interface.

Date of releaseFebruary 2018
Version of software0.9.0
Version of documentation0.9.0
Software available
ResponsibleEPFL: Samuel Lapere -
Requirements & dependenciesZeroMQ, FlatBuffers, Boost, Lunchbox
Target system(s)