The development of VIOLA was co-funded by the HBP during the Ramp-up Phase. This page is kept for reference but will no longer be updated.

VIOLA (VIsualizer Of Layer Activity) is a tool to visualize activity in multiple 2D layers in an interactive and efficient way. It gives an insight into spatially resolved time series such as simulation results of neural networks with 2D geometry. The usage example shows how VIOLA can be used to visualize spike data from a NEST simulation ( of an excitatory and an inhibitory neuron population with distance-dependent connectivity.

Date of releaseJanuary 2016
Version of softwarenot yet specified
Version of documentationnot yet specified
Software available
ResponsibleU Trier: Weyers, Benjamin (, Forschungszentrum Jülich: Espen Hagen (, Johanna Senk (
Requirements & dependenciesThree.js
Target system(s)Web Browser (Google Chrome)