The development of RTNeuron in the HPAC Platform was co-funded by the HBP during the second project phase (SGA1). This page is kept for reference but will no longer be updated.

RTNeuron is a scalable real-time rendering tool for the visualisation of neuronal simulations based on cable models. Its main utility is twofold: the interactive visual inspection of structural and functional features of the cortical column model and the generation of high quality movies and images for presentations and publications. The package provides three main components:

  • A high level C++ library.
  • A Python module that wraps the C++ library and provides additional tools.
  • The Python application script rtneuron-app.py

A wide variety of scenarios is covered by rtneuron-app.py. In case the user needs a finer control of the rendering, such as in movie production or to speed up the exploration of different data sets, the Python wrapping is the way to go. The Python wrapping can be used through an IPython shell started directly from rtneuron-app.py or importing the module rtneuron into own Python programs. GUI overlays can be created for specific use cases using PyQt and QML.

RTNeuron is available on the pilot system JULIA and on JURECA as environment module.

RTNeuron in aixCAVE
RTNeuron in aixCAVE
Neuron rendered by RTNeuron
Neuron rendered by RTNeuron
Visual representation of cell dyes
Simulation playback
Interactive circuit slicing
Connection browsing
Date of releaseFebruary 2018
Version of software2.13.0
Version of documentation2.13.0
Software availablehttps://developer.humanbrainproject.eu/docs/projects/RTNeuron/2.11/index.html; Open sourcing scheduled for June 2018
Documentationhttps://developer.humanbrainproject.eu/docs/projects/RTNeuron/2.11/index.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wATHwvRFGz0
ResponsibleSamuel Lapere
Requirements & dependenciesBBP SDK, Boost, Equalizer, OpenSceneGraph, osgTransparency, Python, Qt, NumPy, OpenMP, VRPN, Cuda, ZeroEQ
Target system(s)