The development of OmpSs was co-funded by the HBP during the Ramp-up Phase. This page is kept for reference but will no longer be updated.

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OmpSs is a fine-grained programming model oriented to shared memory environments, with a powerful runtime that leverages low-level APIs (e.g. CUDA/OpenCL) and manages data dependencies (memory regions). It exploits task level parallelism and supports asynchronicity, heterogeneity and data movement.

The new version 15.06 provides the following new features as compared to version 15.04 that was part of the HBP-internal Platform Release in M18:

  • Socket aware (scheduling taking into account processor socket)
  • Reductions (mechanism to accumulate results of tasks more efficiently)
  • Work sharing (persistence of data in the worker) mechanisms

Date of releaseJune 2016
Version of software16.06.3
Version of documentationDecember 13, 2016
Software available
DocumentationOmpSs website:
ResponsibleBSC Programming Models Group:
Requirements & dependencies
Target system(s)Any with shared memory (supercomputers, clusters, workstations, …)