NEST in situ framework

The In Situ Pipeline is a newer, updated, generalized version of this framework.

The NEST in situ framework facilitates visualization and analysis of the output data of a NEST simulation while this is still running (line plot figure below). Membrane potentials, spikes and other data are streamed from the simulation. The framework builds on top of conduit, a well-established in situ library, for compatibility and extensibility reasons.

The framework consists of a well-tested, compact C++ library to be linked into the NEST simulator in order to provide the streaming capabilities. It can be linked into consumer applications for visualisation and analysis. Python bindings for consumer applications (visualisation and analysis) are also provided in order to make it more useful for computational neuroscientists who are familiar with NEST and Python.

Implemented data flow in the NEST in situ pipeline
Line plot of membrane potentials from a running NEST simulation
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