Multi-View Framework

The Multi-View Framework is a software component, which offers functionality to combine various visual representations of one or more data sets in a coordinated fashion.  Software components offering visualization capabilities can be included in such a network, as well as software components offering other functionality, such as statistical analysis. Multi-display scenarios can be addressed by the framework as coordination information can be distributed over network between view instances running on distributed machines.

The framework is composed of three libraries: nett, nett-python and nett-connect. nett implements a light-weight underlying messaging layer enabling the communication between views, whereas nett-python implements a python binding for nett, which enables the integration of python-based software components into a multi-view setup. nett-connect adds additional functionality to this basic communication layer, which enables non-experts to create multi-view setups according to their specific needs and workflows.

Interactive optimization of parameters for structural plasticity in neural network models (top left); comparative analysis of NEST simulations (top right); statistical analysis of NEST simulations (bottom left); multi-device and multi-user scenarios (bottom right)
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