In Situ Pipeline

This is the newer, more general version of NEST in situ framework.

The in situ pipeline consists of a set of libraries that can be integrated into neuronal network simulators developed by the HBP to enable live visual analysis during the runtime of the simulation. The library called ‘nesci’ (neuronal simulator conduit interface) stores the raw simulation data into a common conduit format and the library called ‘contra’ (conduit transport) transports the serialized data from one endpoint to another using a variety of different (network) protocols. The pipeline currently works with NEST and Arbor. Support for TVB is currently in development.

Prototypical implementation into the HPAC Platform finalised in February 2019.

Date of releaseFirst released in July 2018 with continuous updates (see also above)
Version of software18.07
Version of documentation18.07
Software available
DocumentationSee the readme files in the repositories
ResponsibleRWTH: Simon Oehrl (
Requirements & dependenciesRequired: CMake, C++14, Conduit
Optional: Python, Boost, ZeroMQ
Target system(s)Desktops/HPC Systems running Linux, macOS or Windows