The development of Extrae was co-funded by the HBP during the Ramp-up Phase. This page is kept for reference but will no longer be updated.

Extrae is an instrumentation and measurement system gathering time stamped information of the events of an application. It is the package devoted to generate Paraver trace files for a post-mortem analysis of a code run. It uses different interposition mechanisms to inject probes into the target application in order to gather information about the application performance.

The new version 3.2.1 (3rd November 2015) provides the following new features as compared to version 3.1.0 that was part of the HBP-internal Platform Release in M18:

  • Support for MPI3 immediate collectives
  • Use Intel PEBS to sample memory references.

The new version 3.4.1 (23th September 2016) provides the following new features:

  • Extended Java support through AspectJ and JVMTI
  • Improved CUDA and OpenCL support
  • Improved support for MPI-IO operations
  • Added instrumentation for system I/O and other system calls
  • Added support for OMPT
  • Added support for IBM Platform MPI
  • Added instrumentation for memkind allocations
  • Many other small improvements and bug fixes
Date of release23 September 2016
Version of software3.4.1
Version of documentation3.4.1
Software availablehttps://tools.bsc.es/downloads
Extrae website: https://tools.bsc.es/extrae
ResponsibleBSC Performance Tools Group: tools@bsc.es
Requirements & dependenciesDependencies: libxml2 2.5.0; libunwind for Linux x86/x86-64/IA64/ARM.
Optional: PAPI; DynInst; liberty and libbfd; MPI; OpenMP
Target system(s)Any Unix/Linux system (supercomputers, clusters, servers, workstations, laptops …)